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So today, I wanted you to hear directly from me, that under a Clinton-Kaine Administration, everyone will have a place in America. Latinos have always shaped this country… From your service in the military, to your spirit of entrepreneurship… to your presence on the Supreme Court. And by , communities of color will represent the majority of our population. So of course Latinos will help shape the future of America because you are the future of America.

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This community has been part of a long struggle that has shown your resilience and your power. In recent years, many of those battles have been waged right here in Arizona. In many ways, Phoenix was one of the birthplaces of the modern immigrant rights movement, when people from all over the country came to organize against SB — a bill that went against so many of our shared values. I think Jan Brewer must not be paying very close attention.

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Because millions of Americans are coming together — Democrats and Republicans and Independents — to support Hillary Clinton and reject Donald Trump and everything he stands for. Here in Arizona, our campaign is surging. More than a million people have already voted early, and the rate of Hispanic voters has nearly doubled compared to four years ago. We are also seeing the same energy from the Latino community in early vote in states like Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and other states.

So I hate to break it to the Trump campaign, but Latinos are going to have a really big voice in this election… And the choice is really clear. On the one hand, you have Hillary Clinton. Registering Latino voters in South Texas and fought; fighting for universal healthcare and equal rights. Hillary Clinton is lista. On the other hand, you have Donald Trump.

In the first weeks of his campaign, Donald Trump said that immigrants from Mexico are drug dealers, rapists, murderers. And he attacked Gonzalo Curiel — the distinguished judge in the fraud lawsuit against Trump University. Now, Judge Curiel was born in Indiana.

His parents were born in Mexico. Whether your family just arrived or has been here since before the United States even existed… Hillary Clinton and I believe we are brothers and my sisters, and we will be your champions. You make our nation stronger, smarter, and more creative. And I want all of you to know that we see you, and we are with you. At that moment, I knew we were going to be soul mates in this journey. We need to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

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One of the keys to that is small business. Hillary and I are two kids of two fathers who built small businesses, and we know need to do much more to support the Latino-owned small businesses that create so many jobs across America.

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Over the last 20 years, the number of Latinos going to college has tripled. Our plan will help change that. Second, Hillary and I will introduce legislation for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. Too many children in America say goodbye to their parents every morning, not knowing if their mom or dad will be there when they get home. Donald Trump wants to create a deportation nation.

Una Segunda Oportunidad

Trump wants to deport almost 16 million people. He wants to deport And he wants to eliminate citizenship for 4. This goes against one of the most important values in our Constitution — a person born here in the United States is a citizen.

One of my favorite things to do is go to the naturalization services where people become U. Their stories just bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face when you hear what they think about the greatness of the United States of America. That was devastating for millions of families. We also need to end family detention, close private detention facilities, and stop the raids and round-ups. In my church, we talk about the story of the Good Samaritan.

And a lot of people walk on by — people who should know better, people who are leaders, people who have titles. They just walk on by. Today, there are a lot of people in this country who on the side of the road asking for help. Maybe they need a job, or need to figure out how to pay for college. We go over and help. And if we want this country to remain a place where we are measured by how we help others, then we need every single person here to vote. And we need you to bring your friends, and families, and neighbors to vote too.

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For the first time in a while, the state of Arizona is competitive — and every single vote counts. Tomorrow is the last day of early voting in Arizona… But why wait until then when everyone can vote today! Early voting is open until tomorrow.

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A country that chooses love over hate. Contact us at editors time. Democratic vice presidential nominee U. Todos somos americanos. En otras palabras, ella esta lista. Hillary Clinton esta lista.

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Por primera vez en mucho tiempo, el estado de Arizona es competitivo. Big thanks to Eva! We will return before our departure!

Los esperamos nuevamente. Went there based on the TripAdvisor reviews. The woman serving us began speaking Spanish, we explained that we did not know any Spanish and she seemed exasperated by this even though she was speaking good English to the table opposite! Had the paella for starter, which may have been home made earlier in the day, but had clearly been reheated poorly, it was lukewarm at best as it came out within 2 minutes of ordering. The ribs for main were also cold and came only with some potato wedges. Yes I understand that the price will attract customers, but you can get much tastier food elsewhere for only a few euros extra!

Very disappointed and the reviews don't give a true reflection of this restaurant. Must go - must taste - gorgeous food for very reasonable price - nice atmosphere and a good service - come early or reserve a table wink emoticon My husband and I visited this restaurant after reading the reviews on trip advisor.

The restaurant is sensational and we returned on our final night.

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The cocktails are flavoursome and have very fresh ingredients - recommend "Mojito de mango". The paella consisted of a generous serve of fresh and tender seafood. The restaurant was packed with people both nights. We managed to get a reservation by calling an hour before they opened on both occasions. Los esperamos de vuelta. Located on the side walk of a busy street, Rosi La Loca greeted us with open arms! Sangria on seating and delicious food to follow was second to the delightful and genuine customer service by the waiting staff.

Traditional Spanish food full of flavour and at a cheap price! Have been twice since our initial visit and would recommend to our friends and family from far and wide - make sure you try the croquettes and the stuffed peppers, you won't be disappointed! Much love for this place xox. Esperamos volver a verlos.