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Snapper found in muddy harbours tend to be pale pink. Snapper found near reefs and weed tend to be a red bronze. Snapper have a large head, strong teeth, and moderately firm scales. Snapper abundance is monitored using commercial catch rates, catch-at-age sampling, trawl survey information and abundance estimates from the recapture of tagged fish. Most of our snapper stocks are stable or increasing. A rapid increase in Snapper numbers at the top and West Coast of the South Island led the Minister for Primary Industries to announce in September a significant increase in the catch limit for Snapper in that area , with recreational catch increasing from 90 to tonnes and commercial from to tonnes.

Premium quality fish are caught by longline. Snapper are also caught by trawl or Danish seining.

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All Snapper begin life as females. Today, robots do the welding, lasers cut parts, and computers control the steel-stamping presses. Productivity is three times what it was 10 years ago, and the number of people working here, , is half what it was. These days, the Snapper factory operates in Wal-Mart time.

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Ten years ago, at about the time Sumners came on board, Snapper had 52 regional distributors. It uses no distributors now—the company runs four regional warehouses of its own and sells directly to 10, independent dealerships. Ten years ago, in part because of the complexity of the middleman distribution system, Snapper carried a huge quantity of inventory. It paid to manufacture and ship thousands of lawn mowers—worth tens of millions of dollars—without quite knowing when they would be sold. Now planners come up with an ideal level of inventory for every model, for every region of the country, based on things like historic demand and the weather.

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The goal is to make sure every customer can get the mower he wants—while making absolutely the smallest number of lawn mowers. Production at the Snapper factory is rescheduled every week, according to the pace at which mowers sell. A computer juggles work assignments and balances the various parts of the assembly line.

The group hit the mark exactly. A cheap lawn mower feels flimsy, sounds louder than it has to, and even when new, requires a mysterious, frustrating combination of choke, priming, and pulling to start. The cutting deck of a cheap mower is stamped from thin sheet metal. The conveyor track dips low, and the mowers glide down into the pool and completely disappear beneath the surface, then rise back up, gleaming red, before heading for a pass through a curing oven. Each mower is electrically grounded as it hangs from the overhead conveyor, and a slight positive electrical charge runs through the 16,gallon trench of paint.

The process is monitored every hour—from the speed of the conveyor and the temperature of the ovens to the pH of the paint—along parameters. Snapper technicians start every riding mower before it leaves the McDonough plant. He runs through all the gears, checks speed, engine performance, the mounting of the seat.

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As Sumners watches, one of the riding mowers takes two pulls to start, then comes to life with a rough growl. In the blink of an eye, the technician shuts it down. The Snapper factory started making riding mowers in It is unadorned and old, but it is old in the sense of solidity and use. There is nothing tired about it. More significant, there is nothing sentimental about it. Even with no products at Wal-Mart, a company like Snapper has to compete psychologically, has to keep the price gap between the big-box lawn mowers and its lawn mowers rational.

If it did not, its potential slice of the market would get smaller and smaller. J im Wier is 62 years old, with a youthful twinkle despite a thatch of white hair.

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He is a solidly built man who dresses casually. He is comfortable with himself. Wier, who until the summer of ran a group of lawn-equipment businesses that approach half a billion dollars a year in sales, is confident, direct, and unprepossessing. The northern red snapper's body is very similar in shape to other snappers, such as the mangrove snapper , mutton snapper , lane snapper , and dog snapper.

All feature a sloped profile, medium-to-large scales, a spiny dorsal fin , and a laterally compressed body.

Northern red snapper have short, sharp, needle-like teeth, but they lack the prominent upper canine teeth found on the mutton, dog, and mangrove snappers. It has 10 dorsal spines, 14 soft dorsal rays, three anal spines and eight to 9 anal soft rays.

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The northern red snapper is found in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States and much less commonly northward as far as Massachusetts. In Latin American Spanish , it is known as huachinango , pargo , or chillo. They stay relatively close to the bottom, and inhabit rocky bottoms, ledges, ridges, and artificial reefs, including offshore oil rigs and shipwrecks.

Like most other snappers, northern red snapper are gregarious and form large schools around wrecks and reefs. These schools are usually made up of fish of very similar size. The preferred habitat of this species changes as it grows and matures due to increased need for cover and changing food habits. As they near one year of age, they move to intermediate-relief habitats as the previous year's fish move on to high-relief reefs with room for more individuals.

Around artificial reefs such as oil platforms, smaller fish spend time in the upper part of the water column while more mature and larger adults live in deeper areas. These larger fish do not allow smaller individuals to share this territory. The largest red snapper spread out over open habitats, as well as reefs. Diaz [6] reported weight vs. As northern red snapper grow longer, they increase in weight, but the relationship between length and weight is not linear. The relationship between total length L, in inches and total weight W, in pounds for nearly all species of fish can be expressed by an equation of the form:.

Invariably, b is close to 3. These values are for inputs of length in cm and result in weight in kg. Szedlmayer et al. Northern red snappers move to different types of habitats during their growth process. Below age 1, the red snapper move to low-relief habitats for food and cover. If available, oyster shell beds are preferred. Next, at about age 2, snapper seek high-relief reefs having low densities of larger snapper.

Next, at platforms, smaller snapper occupy the upper water column. Then, the larger, older snapper occupy the deeper areas of the platforms and large benthic reefs and they prevent smaller snapper and other fish from using these habitats. In spite of local habitat preferences, Szedlmayer reported [8] that of L. A northern red snapper attains sexual maturity at two to five years old, and an adult snapper can live for more than 50 years.